I Don't Know What To Think About Antonio Brown

Everybody has a take on Antonio Brown. I do not have a take on Antonio Brown. There is so much AB content out there right now, how could you, really? How could anyone be certain of anything when it pertains to the former Central Michigan superstar? For some, he’s brilliant. For others, he’s stupid. I wish I had a take for you on one of the more bizarre stories we’ve seen in sports, but I don’t. Will we ever know just how calculated and cerebral Brown was in his efforts to get out of Oakland? I have my doubts. Something else will pop up, something else will grab our attention, and we’ll forget all about the many twists and turns in the Antonio Brown Actually Called His Boss A Crack storyline a few weeks from now. 

But can I hope Brown knew what he was doing? That’s the less-sad, more-interesting option, right? If he didn’t, and he’s just operating on a whim, it’s concerning and sad because there is probably something more serious going on there. If he did, he’s basically the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT and I am enthralled. He just wanted to watch Oakland burn. He always wanted to get to New England. He always knew he’d get that money back. He is playing chess, while we’re all playing checkers. If the latter is true, can you respect the hustle while also acknowledging this is a terrible way to go about your business? Absolutely. Is it my team or my money or my league? Absolutely not.


Still, for any team to sign AB after all of this is kind of insane, right? Even if you’re a real contender who has the cash to sign him -- why? Football coaches, perhaps even more so than basketball coaches, bet on their culture to a fault. We like to believe the New England Patriots nail these kinds of moves all the time, but that isn’t true -- Josh Gordon, Reggie Wayne, Joey Galloway, Adalius Thomas, Shawn Springs, etc. Not even Bill Belichick can fix everyone, which is fine, because that’s how it should be. In your personal life, do you connect with everyone? No. You connect with some, and you don’t with others. Chances are a veteran like Brown is not going to fit into your culture. Changing the personality of 31-year-old superstar coming who just days ago reportedly threatened to beat up his boss seems unlikely. 

Perhaps this is why I’m not the biggest fan of AB landing in New England. It’s so easy to see how it doesn’t work and he’s gone in a few weeks or less. If he were to have wound up in Seattle, where the ultimate player coach roams the sidelines, I’d be a bit more optimistic. If Brown wanted to do crazy shit in Seattle, I find it hard to believe that Pete Carroll would put his foot down. Similar to Jon Gruden, he’d love Brown’s fire and work ethic and production to a point where he could overlook the “other” stuff. Some coaches like that, others don’t. Something tells me Brown calling Josh McDaniels a Basic White Bitch after calling a play for Julian Edelman on 2nd & 7 early in the first quarter of a random game against the Miami Dolphins later this year won’t go over well. 

Once Brown was signed by New England, the football universe was gutted. How could the Patriots of all teams have ended up with him? How can any team compete against New England now? Why are we not looking at this like this might be AB’s last chance to play in the NFL? Are we all that cynical that we believe NFL teams will keep signing him to prove-it contracts for the next 5 seasons until his body breaks down? I look at his decision to go to New England as a Yikes, I Need To Win A Ring ASAP So Everyone Forgets What I Did This Summer So I Can Secure That Last Bag move. Unlike the NFC where there are more contenders than there are Jonas Brothers, the AFC is the Patriots until the Chiefs prove otherwise. Brown will get all the exposure and attention he craves in New England. If last night’s drubbing of the Steelers was any indication, are we sure adding Brown into that receiver room won’t make this the scariest Patriot team since the 18-1 squad? Brown has put himself in the perfect position to screw over the Miami Dolphins next summer, and for that, we...stan?