NFL Offseason Mailbag With PFF's Austin Gayle

Chase Thomas is joined by Pro Football Focus' Austin Gayle to talk about Trent Williams and how worried should teams be about his recent PFF-grade slide, will the Patriots shifting focus from TEs to WRs drastically change how the Pats operate on offense, what is the final number for Dak Prescott going to be and can the Cowboys still win a Super Bowl once it’s signed, have the Eagles fixed their secondary problem, which unit finishes better from PFF this year: Oakland’s offense or defense, did the Packers add enough WR help for Aaron Rodgers this summer, are we all a year or two early on the Browns, can you sell Giants fans on the offense being better in 2019, will Bears fans notice the difference between Vangio’s defense and Pagano’s, rank the 4 NFC North QBs, does it matter that with Doug Baldwin retiring Wilson has basically nobody to throw to now, better chance at ROTY: Bush or Johnson for Pittsburgh, highest graded offensive player for San Fran this year, is Kirk Cousins a good fit for Kubiak’s scheme, if Broncos defense is in the top-3 or 5, is that enough to make the playoffs, who leads KC in rushing by the end of the season, biggest obstacle for the Rams to not get back to the SB, do the Redskins have enough RBs to the win the NFC East, Jets have enough pass rush to compete in the AFC East, and oes it matter who starts at center for the Saints?

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