The Chase: (7/16/17-7/22/17)


Before I dive into the reason for this blog post, I'd like to point out that I've been planning to do this new, weekly post every week for what feels like seven years now. The site has been up-and-running for months, but I've never just sat down and cranked -- I really don't like that word, especially the way it sounds -- the first post, which I have come to learn is the hardest part.

Just getting Post No. 1 done is the hardest part, but I don't think that's brand new information to anyone reading this. It was the same for my podcast, it was the same for my first column, and it has been the same story for this weekly blog post.

But here we are. It's 10:13 p.m. EST, and, while my friends and normal, more-fun people are out-and-about, I'm plugging away in a Starbucks that's open late writing this post. And I'm not complaining. I'd rather be here, reading, writing, planning and outlining than being out with the only difference being that I am usually just thinking about doing these things but have found myself in a situation where I am unable to do so, and I just get frustrated. 

I've never been a Going Out Guy, and that hasn't changed in my mid-20s, although I suspected it might.

It hasn't.

And yet I still feel guilty, like I'm somehow wasting time by doing the things I'm comfortable doing, which includes working at a coffee shop on a Saturday evening while anxiously awaiting to go see a midnight showing of 'Dunkirk'. I like doing my own thing; I like going to the movies by myself; I like reading and writing and drinking coffee and planning and organizing by myself. 

More on that in future posts and newsletters -- which is still on the way via TinyLetter, mind you -- but I do appreciate all of your support. You're all great.

Here's everything I wrote about this week and all of my podcast episodes that you may have missed but should definitely listen to. 



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The Chase will be a weekly post that includes a brief post that will eventually find itself in my newsletter, along with highlights of my week in writing and podcasting because that's just what Hashtag Journalists do, OK? 

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