Atlanta Falcons Offseason Questions and Super Bowl 53 Preview With Jeanna Thomas of The Falcoholic and Chris Brockman of The Rich Eisen Show (Ep. 244)

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Chase Thomas is joined by SB Nation NFL reporter Jeanna Thomas to talk about Super Bowl 53 Media Day in Atlanta, Wade Phillips' natural likability, the point of Dan Quinn as head coach of the Falcons, what Dirk Koetter's offense will look like in Atlanta, the addition of Bruce Arians into the NFC South, and what the Falcons will do about their offensive line and secondary through the NFL Draft and free agency.

Then, The Rich Eisen Show's Chris Brockman returns to talk about Chilis and Waffle House back-to-back in Atlanta, what makes this Patriots run so special, how Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are short-passing teams to death in the postseason, if the Rams' offensive line can hold up against the New England pass rush, and who will win Super 53 MVP (40:00).

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