OG Anunoby's Ceiling in Toronto, Measuring Pacers Stock, and Spurs With DeRozan With Scott Rafferty (Ep. 191)

Chase Thomas is joined by NBA.com's Scott Rafferty to talk about Year 2 of OG Anunoby in Toronto with new head coach Nick Nurse (3:00), how Kawhi Leonard and Anunoby are similar (15:00), whether or not the Raptors can win the East this season (25:00), the Pacers having back-to-back awesome seasons (36:00), Victor Oladpio as an MVP candidate (40:00), whether or not Myles Turner could turn into a star (45:00), the Spurs winning 50 games with DeMar DeRozan (48:00), the role players around DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge (53:00), and whether or not Coach Pop can make it all work with this group (60:00).