WCW and ECW Legend Raven and WWE With Eric Brady of RBR Wrestling (Ep. 173)

Chase Thomas is joined by WCW and ECW legend Raven to talk about his podcast "The Raven Effect" (3:00), Jerry Lawler being one of the best in his prime (8:00), whether or not Rob Van Dam was a Top Guy (15:00), Chris Jericho in WCW (20:00), pro wrestling stories from the road (25:00), how the Raven character came to be (30:00), the best promos ever (33:00), and what graphic novels Raven is reading these days (35:00). Then, Chase is joined by RBR Wrestling co-host Eric Brady to talk about the heat on Nia Jax (40:00), the Usos and the Bludgeon Brothers place on Smackdown Live (50:00), Rusev getting a WWE title shot (60:00), the Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns dynamic (65:00), Braun Strowman killing Kevin Owens (75:00), and the possibility of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks jumping ship to the WWE (85:00).