NBA Playoffs With Scott Rafferty of The Step Back and NFL Draft With Sam Monson of PFF (Ep. 145)


Chase Thomas is joined by The Step Back's Scott Rafferty to talk about the Sixers rolling by the Heat (3:00), the importance of Bellinelli, Saric and Ilyasova (10:00), Donovan Mitchell in the playoffs (20:00), the absence of Andre Roberson for the Thunder (29:00), the Hassan Whiteside problem in Miami (35:00), and the future of the Wizards and Cavs (40:00). Then, Pro Football Focus's Sam Monson jumps on the to debate Steve Palazzolo and Mike Renner's hair game (48:00), teams with the biggest holes on their roster (50:00), Sam Bradford in Arizona (51:00), Josh Allen vs. Baker Mayfield (53:00), if Andy Dalton can have a bounce-back year (59:00), Kirk Cousins in Minnesota (60:00), Steve Sarkisian in Atlanta (62:00), and if people are overreacting to the Raiders offseason (65:00).