Introducing the Nobody Asked Mailbag

Could I already be out of writing ideas for the week?

Is that why I’m introducing a new, weekly column idea in which I answer emails from people who don’t actually exist each week?

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have answers to questions I’m asking myself that delve into the often insane world of sports and pop culture. Perhaps one day I’ll add a splash of politics into these mailbag-from-people-who-do-not-exist columns one day, but it’s Friday, and it’s been a peculiarly good week for me. Why get reckless in Week 1 and give my brief thoughts on things that will potentially alienate you, the reader, this early in the process? There is plenty of time for that later.

Anyway, this is another thing I’m going to try. I’m trying it because I want to experiment on my site because, well, why not? Like my podcast, all I can do is keep going and learning and hoping that, throughout the process, I’m getting better.

We’ll see.

So let’s get into your very made-up emails that you certainly did not submit to


Q: Will there ever come a time where Thursday Night Football in the NFL becomes etched in sports fans’ minds as appointment viewing?

- John, Dacula, Georgia

CT: Growing up, I watched a lot of college football on Thursday nights and I’d swear before the courts that I’ve seen Louisville and Wake Forest play a Thursday night game on ESPN thirty-six times in my life -- and I’m only 26-years-old! That is to say that it just organically became appointment viewing growing up. (Shoutout to random nights watching Riley Skinner and Brian Brohm!) So, do I think grown NFL fans will ever be sure to tune into a Jags vs. Titans mid-week affair on the NFL Network? No, I don’t. The kids who are staying up late on a school night to watch it right now, though? That’s certainly possible.

Q: What do you think of Tennessee reportedly hiring Phillip Fulmer as their next athletic director?

- Jeff, Troy, Alabama

CT: What a time to be alive. I’m not a texter, phone calls are better, I promise, but I am in a group text with multiple of family members who are big Tennessee fans and/or alums. Without looking at my phone to see how they’re reacting to the news as I’m typing this, I imagine that they’ll be pleased. They hated the last AD who self-destructed this week after trying to replace Butch Jones with Greg Schiano. Fulmer is 67-years-old, has no experience in this kind of role, but he’s beloved by Volunteer fans, so his hiring will probably be celebrated. Not looking good for Lane Kiffin’s return to Knoxville, though, which I was definitely here for. Thankfully, he still tweets.

Q: Will you be seeing the latest Pixar hit COCO in theaters?

- Jessica, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

CT: I think I might be done with animated movies. It may have finally happened. Growing up, I was never really into cartoons, as I was more focused on Thomas The Tank Engine and Power Rangers, and less on Pokemon, Rugrats, Duck Tales, etc. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been a huge comic-book person, either? Give me Drake & Josh over Rocket Power every day of the week.

Wait, what was the question again? Right, COCO. To be honest, the last Pixar movie I saw in theaters was INSIDE OUT, and that will probably be the last. (Sorry possible, future kids, I’m out!) I’ll be skipping COCO and watching too much football this weekend. Who knows, I may get crazy and start Season 2 of GILMORE GIRLS at some point? (I’ve been hooked ever since that episode where Emily Gilmore fixes Lorelai that foul banana sandwich. Seriously, what the hell was that?)

Q: Eli Manning got benched in favor Geno Smith this week. I don’t actually have a question, I just can’t get over that being a real sentence in 2017.

- Tim, Long Island, New York

CT: I can’t either, Tim. I’ve watched entirely too much of the Giants this season, and if you’re watching the games, it’s hard to come away thinking that Manning is responsible for this shit sandwich. Per Football Outsiders, his DYAR currently sits ahead of Cam Newton and Andy Dalton. It’s also hard to really rip Manning for all of his wide receivers dissipating early in the season. The G-Men won 11 games just one season ago with Manning at the helm, and it’s not like everyone saw this disaster movie coming in 2017. Manning can’t carry a team anymore, but I feel pretty confident the Ravens, Cardinals, Bucs, Jaguars, Texans, Browns and Dolphins would gladly take the future Hall-of-Famer right now. McAdoo can take his starting job, but he can’t take his two rings.

Q: Will a Roman Reigns Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge shift fans’ feelings on the Big Dog?

- Jack, Naples, Florida

CT: Week 1 of the Reigns Reset on Monday Night Raw wasn’t bad. His match versus Elias went over well, and they both came off looking better because of it. The John Cena United States Championship Open Challenge was extremely successful, but it didn’t change fans’ perspective of him. In a vacuum, the Reigns’ open challenge should be better because Reigns, especially at this point in his career, is a much better wrestler than Cena. His character and storylines may be not be all that compelling, but the guy can work. I’ll enjoy these matches as Brock Lesnar continues to hide away in the woods of Minnesota, but it’s not going to get him over as a babyface.

That’s it for this week. Could this be a staple on the site every Friday? Sure. We’ll see, though. Thanks to all the readers who didn’t write in and send me these emails because I wrote the questions and answered them.